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The Cake Festival offers a perfect fun day with an unparalleled range of family activities. Sample cakes desserts and various pastries from the incredible bakers you love, including those you never thought existed. Get expert tips and tricks from the industry's baking gurus on the baking process. Concurrently, acquire information and skills from the exhibitors as you get exposed to different products and services. Get to enjoy the latest tunes from our DJs and live bands while the kids have a grand time at the kiddie zone. The food court takes care of everyone's appetite. At the festival, there is something for everyone, including fun family bonding competitions.

The Cause

The festival presents a unique platform for raising money for supporting bright needy students. Edumed Trust operates and manages the festival as a tool for raising funds. It has supported over 440 students and currently supports 80 students in over 70 Kenyan secondary schools nationwide. Approximately 200 of its beneficiaries are attending colleges and universities in Kenya with three on full scholarships studying in the United States of America and China. The aims to raise more money every year to increase the number of students it supports. It is targeting 120 students per year in the next five years. Find out more about the trust at:

Main Events

Our Students

Current Students

Current  students in 70 secondary schools countrywide.

About 200 Alumni

The group consists of beneficiaries attending different colleges and universities in Kenya and abroad.

Over 440 Sponsored

The total beneficiaries of the cause. With your support, number will grow, and we will transform the lives of many students and families.  


“I would not have made it if Edumed Trust didn’t come in. Constant motivation retreats meant a lot to me. I had no hope and I joined this family when I was at my breaking point. I especially love their guiding verse faith without work is dead. It is humanity manifested in the most humbling and intriguing way. I purpose to join them and extend the same hand to others like myself”  Jack MutongaJack MutongaEdumed Class of 2014 , Currently 4th Year Bachelor of Science, Horticulture student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology (JKUAT)
“Edumed impacted my life by sponsoring my education. During the students retreat they brought in career experts who changed my view on life and career, the advice helped me change my perspective on life and I was able to set attainable goals”Victor Matheri          Victor Matheri Edumed Class of 2014, Currently a 4th Year Bachelor of Science, Agriculture student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology (JKUAT)
“Edumed Trust made it possible for me to make it to the university through their scholarship in high school. Their mentorship programs opened my mind to spheres of life through the inspirations and encouragements of hope they gave me. I am now a proud Edumed Alumnus who looks forward to giving back to the society and family of Edumed in future”Emmanuel MamadiEmmanuel MamadiEdumed Class of 2012, Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, Public Administration, Conflict and Peace Studies, University of Nairobi.
“Edumed played a major role in my life as it helped me at a point when I thought my dreams and hopes were shuttered by supporting me financially and walking with me through my high school. Through Edumed retreats I learnt important lessons to help me succeed in life and also discovered some abilities that I never thought I had. God bless Edumed”Faith KonyeFaith KonyeEdumed Class of 2016, Currently a 3rd Year Bachelor of Science, Economics student, University of Nairobi.
“Edumed has been the best family to me. I am really grateful for their enormous support”Yusuf  GaloroYusuf Galoro Edumed Class of 2016, Currently a 3rd Year Bachelor of Science, Agriculture student, University of Eastern Africa Baraton

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