The Main Events

The Cake Festival organizes events throughout the year. Each event has a unique theme and goals.

The East Africa Baking Summit premiered in 2019 and featured business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, academia, government bodies, industry leaders from various manufacturers, enterprises, and institutions to exchange their knowledge, experience and research innovations to build a successful beyond the skills movement.

Bakers Forum

Every year in May, The Cake Festival hosts a baker’s forum. It brings together bakers and those in related industries to network among themselves, and to meet suppliers and ingredients manufacturers. The suppliers also give feedback and discuss issues affecting the industry. The forum also trains bakers on issues such as technology, financial management, standards and marketing among others. It is a free learning and networking event for bakers and those in related industries.

A Sweet Tooth Affair

A Sweet Tooth Affair started in 2018 and was held at City Mall, Nyali in Mombasa. It was meant to introduce the residence of the Coast region to the events and benefits of the festival. The Cake Festival, in partnership with City Mall, Nyali, hosts the event in the last quarter of the year and exposes attendants to activities such as cake sampling, live bake-off competitions, and junior baking classes.

Baking Extravaganza

As a culmination to the main event, The Cake Festival hosts baking extravaganzas in different malls. A teaser for what awaits at the festival; it gives you the chance to learn, enjoy, and indulge!
The baking extravaganzas provide a platform for you to learn the art of cake decorating. We engage renown chefs and bakers to guide both home bakers, children with an interest in baking and baking hobbyist in the culinary art. The icing on the cake is that we come to a mall near you. Entry is free and you can have the icing on the cake. Follow our social media pages to know when we come to you.

The Cake Festival-Activities

Juniors in the kitchen

Imagine how good it would feel if your child baked a cake for you, and the icing on the cake is that they could also do the icing on the cake. Junior baking classes at the festival provide juniors below 16 years with an opportunity to learn basic cake baking skills in a few minutes. It could be a place to identify and nurture talent. A ticket holder at the festival gets a direct entry to the junior class.

live bakeoff

It gives you the thrill of watching three bakers battle it out “live” to beat time and emerge winners of a challenge created by the judges. If you think you are up to the task, then follow our social media sites to learn how to become a participant. The emotions are inevitably unavoidable.

baker's expo

Once every year, we bring together all cake ingredients and accessories suppliers under one roof. Just like swiping online on your phone, only that this time, all of them, at least the serious ones, are right with you. You get to ask questions and get demos on how to best use their products. If you are a baker, you do not want to miss the expo, and if you are a supplier, you know there is no better place to meet your clients one-on-one.


The Annual Baking Competition provides the bakers in Kenya and, recently in East Africa, an opportunity and platform to compare their edible creations against those of their peers. The competition attracts prizes and is divided into categories to give a fair playground. The categories include Institutional, which is for Baking schools, Industrial which is for Industry gurus, a category for professional bakers and home bakers. There is also a junior category for young bakers in school.

cake sampling

Cake after cake it is. The Festival treats your tongue to a festival, so if you are a sweet tooth, then you have a perfect date. If you are thinking of your wedding cake or your Sweet craving satisfaction, this is the place to meet varieties of bakers and get to pick one or all for your cake and pastry needs. There are serious discounts on cakes and auctions on masterpieces that you want to keep. Imagine all that sweetness for a good cause. Cake a student to school, will you?

family fun activies

Aside from all the sweetness of the cake, there is lots of food, and music from live bands, artists and the DJ! And of course, it would not be a festival without dancing! Family distraction events like father-daughter baking and mother-son baking are a must-do for bonding.

ginger bread making baking squad

Imagine being an architect, a baker, and an interior design all at a go. Better still during fun times competition with all the adrenaline rush! This fun competition that requires pre-registration is a fun place for families and friends to bond as they try seeing whose house will stand the test of time – literally because mostly ginger houses crumble and fall! Not to worry, it is all laughter, fun, play, and of course growth. Here we could just discover the next architect or better still learn who works best under pressure!

kiddies play zone

Where would you take all the sugar rush? We promise to take care of that for you. Free entry to the kiddie zone guaranteed after your little ones have had all the goodies. Bouncing castles, swings, fun distraction races for toddlers, creative board, and word games. The variety at the festival is endless!

Enjoy Live demos

Sharing is caring, they say. The Cake Festival brings top chefs in the country and in the region to share with you cake baking and cake decorating hacks in their live demos. It doesn’t stop at cake; there is also pastry and dessert making demos. So you leave the festival richer in knowledge.