The Annual Baking Competition

The annual baking competition attracts renowned industry experts, creative emerging bakers and recently, hotels & restaurants as well as junior bakers. The competition, premier in East Africa boasts of the region's largest display of competition pieces.

Every year we launch a theme around which the bakers bake creative pastry pieces.The Cake Festival theme for 2016 was “Celebrating Anniversaries and served as an appreciation of milestones through edible creations!

The Competition cakes are subjected to both public vote and professional judging based on design creativity, uniqueness as well as creative adoption of colour. The members of the jury are well known professionals in gastronomic arts; either in Kenya and/or abroad.

The Annual Cake Baking Competition; the year 2016 winners:

(a) Emerging bakers Category


(i) Best Doughnut


(ii) Birthday Cakes 


(b) Professional Bakers Category

(i) Wedding Cake 


(ii) Themed Cake


(ii) Pastry Showpiece

(c) Institutional Category


THE THEME CAKE; Year 2016 theme, celebrating anniversaries

Сачак (Ламперия) от ЕМСИЕН-3
Дюшемедюшеме от EMSIEN-3