The Cake Festival premiered in 2009 at the Nairobi Safari Walk. There were 20 professional bakers who participated and 637 guests attended.

In 2010, the festival was held at the Splash Water World. There were 35 professional and armature bakers serving 1900 guests.

The CakeFest magazine was launched. There were 42 bakers presenting over 150 cake varieties and serving about 3200 guests

In 2013, over 15 sponsors supported the event. Also, 3500 guests attended and 45 bakers participated that year.

There were 65 bakers participating at the 2014 event. There were 3500 guests in attendance.

The 2015 event was held on a wet day but nonetheless 2800 guests attended, and 75 bakers participated.

In 2016, the event was held at Kenya Wildlife Service headquarters, hosting 73 bakers and about 3500 guests.

There were over 100 bakers and exhibitors in the 2017 event showcasing to over 3800 guests.

The Cake Festival opened new opportunities to collaborate with bakers and saw the number of bakers participating in different capacities rise to 100. The event also hosted about 4000 guests.

In 2019, the festival launched the East Africa Baking Summit. This saw 123 bakers participate in different capacities and the festival hosting more than 4000 guests in the different platforms.